Some weeks ago, from the 07th of June to the 10th of June, we did some research in the Normandy. We were a group of nine men and for the majority it was the first time to be on site. The first spot we visited was the Pegasus Bridge and the surrounding area. After a café and a baguette in the Café Gondrèe we inspected the new Bridge over the canal and the monument of Major Howard. After a visit of the fantastic Museum, where you can still take a look at the old Pegasus Bridge and a Horsa gilder in full size, we went for a walk up the road to the T-Junction and to the church of La Port. A course we took a lot of pictures…here are some of them:

An old photo of the bridge and the surrounding erea. On the left side next to the bridge is the Cafe Gondrèe. In the back is the small village of La Port.

This is the new bridge over the Orne canal.

The old Pegasus Bridge has been moved to the museum, some 150 meters away.

The original 50mm KwK 39 L/60 next to the Bridge.

The famous Cafe Gondrèe

A building next to Cafe Gondrèe, on the opposite side of the street.

Further down the road is a small manor house with a burn and stable.

The townhall of Benouville.

The church of La Port

The chateu Benouville.

The monument of Major Howard and the site where his gilder landed.

The small pond next to the site where the third gilder came down.

The new Horsa Bridge

A small house on the east side of the river orne, next to the Horsa Bridge

The River Orne