Long time no hear, but we weren’t idle on the production line. The landing fleet ist to 80% complete and we are working strong on the landing force.

As you may have seen, Frank has uploaded an image of the tables, as we are planning to do it. At the moment Frank is working on the many, many buildings and Jens received his 3D-printer and already helped me to speeden up the production of the vehicles. But that will be mentioned in an upcoming post.

Now have a look at our ships – many of them are completed with pennant numbers and crew.

Schiffe SB 02D-Day as it should have been – no Germans – nice weather!

Schiffe SB 09LCT(4) arrive with their load.

Schiffe SB 125th Royal Marine Independent Armoured Support Battery is leaving the harbour.

Schiffe SB 08

Schiffe SB 06LCI(S) waiting for the Commados to board.

More to come in the next weeks. Stay with us…