Most of our vehicles are one of a kind. We did a lot of conversions and added equipment to the tanks and softskins. Some were made with greenstuff but we used mostly the fantastic stuff from Ian Armstrong available via Heroics & Ros. Jens received his new 3D-printer and this amazing toy helped us to produce the deep wading equipment for the Universal carriers as well as the deep wading trunks for the tanks. Please note that these are the first models made with the help of the printer. In the meantime the printings are far more better than the stuff you see on these photos.

Fahrzeuge SB 02M3s on the way to the landing craft.

Fahrzeuge SB 01Jeeps (GHQ) waiting to be embarked

Fahrzeuge SB 03

Who gives way? M3 by GHQ – armoured dozer by amphibmods

Fahrzeuge SB 06Two AOP carrier and one Bren carrier (carrier by CinC, motorbike by Scotia Grendel)

Fahrzeuge SB 07GHQ Scammel and CinC Crusader III AA Mk.1

Fahrzeuge SB 08Armoured dozers by amphibmods and a GHQ jeep.

Fahrzeuge SB 09White Scout car by CinC, jeep by GHQ and a mixture of GHQ and CinC M3s

Fahrzeuge SB 05 Centaur by CinC