One of the most famous vehicles of the D-Day beaches were the Sherman DD (Duplex Drive). No surprise many people asked for images. As we needed three different types – on board the landing craft with raised screen, swimming and the tanks with lowered screens on the beaches – this was the most time consuming work as we needed one single vehicle three times! As the onboard-type is still in the production phase (thanks Ian!) we can only show the other two types.

Starting with the model + some green-stuff-modifications. Models are GHQ.

DDsslickThe same models painted plus the swimming version (model by amphibmods). The water hasn’t been painted yet, because we did not have an idea about the colour we will use for the water.

DDsfront     Different angle. Note the checkerboard used by the DDs on Sword Beach.

DDS_rearDDSaboveAnd last but not least a BARV (model by MastersofMilitary) and an angledozer scratchbuild with the help of an CinC Stalinez-tractor some plastic stripes and a GHQ-artillery-man.