We had some inquieres about the pennant numbers. It would have been a herculean task to paint all the numbers by hand. This would have been not only very time consuming, but with growing age my hand isn’t that steady anymore.

Fortunately somebody found a way to create your own decals. First you need this fluid (in Germany it is Transfer Medium)for applying pictures and graphics on fabric. Secondly you need a software which makes it possible to mirror your image (if you want a decal with letters). I chose InDesign, which made it quite easy.

And here are some pictures to show the further steps:

Print the file – it is important that you use a laser printer, as ink-prints won’t stand the fluid.

Transfermedium 01Cut out the needed decal

Transfermedium 02Apply Transfer Medium to the printed surface

Transfermedium 03Carefully put the decal in place on the desired surface

Transfermedium 04Wait for 24h

After 24h – don’t be impatient, you really have to wait that long! – use an old brush to soak the paper und rub it off gently until only the image is visible.

Transfermedium 05Transfermedium 06Voilá!

Transfermedium 07