One month left and here are the first images of our diorama. We had to make a few changes to the original concept as the available space at the Tactica venue gave us some limits – but be assured: It is still massive! 6m coastline (Ouistreham to Queen White) and 3m deep.

We will try to show as many of the famous historical sites (Grand bunker, Twin Villas, La Breche Hermanville, etc.) as possible, but although it is huge, we had to shorten the distances. Jens printed the most famous of the historical buildings but we could not re-build every house” as-it-was” -sometimes because of the lack of historical images, but also because it is so time consuming that it was just impossible to achieve such a task.

Unfortunately we had to cut off the Pegasus tables, but maybe we will find a venue were we can show the complete diorama. Due to the size of the tables we won’t be able to play on them. We decided to show different stages of the landings on the tables.

Sword Beach Board 05Sword Beach Board 03Sword Beach Board 02Sword Beach Board 04Sword Beach Board 01As many would have recognized: These are not the full 6m coastline. Frank promised to rent a bigger apartment for the next project!

Next post will be something for the miniature enthusiasts. We will show our range of “Funnies”. Stay with us, or better: Follow our blog!