Sleeping Beauty has ended her Sleep…

…and is now supporting us with all his energy and strength ;-)In the past two weeks he provided us with more I could imagine a single person could do within half a year. Thanks Jens!

Just let me share some photos of the unpainted buildings

La Breche work-in-progress

LaBrecheThe very personal La Breche in Krempe/Germany

Lane8Plus the hotel building and the two other buildings – very raw material, but it gives you an idea of the stuff to follow

IMAG0938The double villas (the left one should be turned to have the right impression) – same stage

IMAG0937Ouisteham – the area around the church

IMAG0946another picture of it

CoerOuistrehamNormandy buildings ready to paint

IMAG0968…more city buildings with first base coat



Make your own decals

We had some inquieres about the pennant numbers. It would have been a herculean task to paint all the numbers by hand. This would have been not only very time consuming, but with growing age my hand isn’t that steady anymore.

Fortunately somebody found a way to create your own decals. First you need this fluid (in Germany it is Transfer Medium)for applying pictures and graphics on fabric. Secondly you need a software which makes it possible to mirror your image (if you want a decal with letters). I chose InDesign, which made it quite easy.

And here are some pictures to show the further steps:

Print the file – it is important that you use a laser printer, as ink-prints won’t stand the fluid.

Transfermedium 01Cut out the needed decal

Transfermedium 02Apply Transfer Medium to the printed surface

Transfermedium 03Carefully put the decal in place on the desired surface

Transfermedium 04Wait for 24h

After 24h – don’t be impatient, you really have to wait that long! – use an old brush to soak the paper und rub it off gently until only the image is visible.

Transfermedium 05Transfermedium 06Voilá!

Transfermedium 07

DDs and other new entries

One of the most famous vehicles of the D-Day beaches were the Sherman DD (Duplex Drive). No surprise many people asked for images. As we needed three different types – on board the landing craft with raised screen, swimming and the tanks with lowered screens on the beaches – this was the most time consuming work as we needed one single vehicle three times! As the onboard-type is still in the production phase (thanks Ian!) we can only show the other two types.

Starting with the model + some green-stuff-modifications. Models are GHQ.

DDsslickThe same models painted plus the swimming version (model by amphibmods). The water hasn’t been painted yet, because we did not have an idea about the colour we will use for the water.

DDsfront     Different angle. Note the checkerboard used by the DDs on Sword Beach.

DDS_rearDDSaboveAnd last but not least a BARV (model by MastersofMilitary) and an angledozer scratchbuild with the help of an CinC Stalinez-tractor some plastic stripes and a GHQ-artillery-man.


And now the vehicles….

Most of our vehicles are one of a kind. We did a lot of conversions and added equipment to the tanks and softskins. Some were made with greenstuff but we used mostly the fantastic stuff from Ian Armstrong available via Heroics & Ros. Jens received his new 3D-printer and this amazing toy helped us to produce the deep wading equipment for the Universal carriers as well as the deep wading trunks for the tanks. Please note that these are the first models made with the help of the printer. In the meantime the printings are far more better than the stuff you see on these photos.

Fahrzeuge SB 02M3s on the way to the landing craft.

Fahrzeuge SB 01Jeeps (GHQ) waiting to be embarked

Fahrzeuge SB 03

Who gives way? M3 by GHQ – armoured dozer by amphibmods

Fahrzeuge SB 06Two AOP carrier and one Bren carrier (carrier by CinC, motorbike by Scotia Grendel)

Fahrzeuge SB 07GHQ Scammel and CinC Crusader III AA Mk.1

Fahrzeuge SB 08Armoured dozers by amphibmods and a GHQ jeep.

Fahrzeuge SB 09White Scout car by CinC, jeep by GHQ and a mixture of GHQ and CinC M3s

Fahrzeuge SB 05 Centaur by CinC

We are still working on it!

Long time no hear, but we weren’t idle on the production line. The landing fleet ist to 80% complete and we are working strong on the landing force.

As you may have seen, Frank has uploaded an image of the tables, as we are planning to do it. At the moment Frank is working on the many, many buildings and Jens received his 3D-printer and already helped me to speeden up the production of the vehicles. But that will be mentioned in an upcoming post.

Now have a look at our ships – many of them are completed with pennant numbers and crew.

Schiffe SB 02D-Day as it should have been – no Germans – nice weather!

Schiffe SB 09LCT(4) arrive with their load.

Schiffe SB 125th Royal Marine Independent Armoured Support Battery is leaving the harbour.

Schiffe SB 08

Schiffe SB 06LCI(S) waiting for the Commados to board.

More to come in the next weeks. Stay with us…